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Icon Tutorial 01

Icon Tutorial 01 for  

Notes: I make icons in Adobe Photoshop 6.0.  If you have a newer or older version it might be slightly different but the tutorial should still work.  I'm not sure how the tutorial would translate for other programs like Paint Shop Pro.  Also, please do not blatantly copy my style. Feel free to experiment with the techniques I use though!

01.  I started with this picture of Ioan. (Note that there is a white border on the picture that I used in the icon!)  

02.  I cropped it the image and resized to 100 x 100px. Then I sharpened the icon (filter > sharpen). 


03.  I duplicated that layer twice and set the top layer to Soft Light (100%). 

04.  Then I set the middle layer to Desaturate (image > adjust > desaturate) and left it at 100%.

05.  Next I created a new layer and used a white border brush that I made on the left side and top of the icon.  


06.  Going back to the top layer of the image of Ioan I added a lens flare to the right side of the icon (filter > render > lens flare).  For the lens flare have the brightness set to 100 and use Lens Type: 105mm Prime. I also added a lens flare in the same area on the middle layer of Ioan (the desaturated layer). (Use Ctrl+F for a shortcut to duplicate the lens flare.)

07.  On another new layer I used a brush by teh_indy in the lower right corner.

08.  Finally, I added some (completely meaningless) small text in the center of the image.


Any questions, comments, etc are welcome! I'd also love to see any icons you made with help from this tutorial!

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